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Welcome to Mazel Tov Simcha Parodies!
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Hi!  My name is Moshe...

Would you like your son's Bar Mitzvah, your daughter's Bat Mitzvah, other family simcha or party commemorated by a video of an oldies parody performed by DJ Accountant of Funk?  Check out this one, and the funky videos on the right, made recently for Bar Mitzvah sma'chot in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel.

And HOT off the presses, in time for your Purim seudah, Does Your Korban Pesach Lose Its Flavor Tied  to the Bedpost Overnight?

Now, you can have a video, like one of these, produced efficiently, inexpensively and completed On Time  for your son, daughter or to commemorate any family Simcha.

  Mazel Tov Simcha Parodies also does specialty parodies, such as these across and below.

DJ Accountant of Funk recently produced two monumental videos about the recent UN Vote giving the PA non-member observer state status.  Check out the videos here and here.  In addition, check out a political satire on the recent coalition government negotiations.

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For more information, prices and details, please contact us at: [email protected]
Skype: mark.burt3
In Israel: 02-999-6496
In the US or Canada:  +972-2-9996496